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Hackathon to work on Scout Adaptors, etc.

h1. Date
{note}TBD. [Doodle poll for date selection|]{note}

h1. Background

Background information about Scout and how to install and use can be found:

* [Scout Blog Post|]
* [Scout Github repo|]
* [Scout|]

h1. Suggested Activities

Use this area to suggest potential activities

# Create Adaptors
## What adaptors could be or need to be created?
### Context and Linking adator \[STFC\]
### Data Publication Platform?
# Content profiling with C3PO and uploading data
## Maybe one for Testbed partners, but we also need to ensure this process is understood and documented
# [Scout Github Issues|], could any of these be worked on?
# Integration challenges/tasks (particularly with other SCAPE software)?
# Possible FFMA integration in SCOUT as a source
# Other??

h1. Preparation

List of tasks to be completed in advance of the hackathon 
|F|M|F|1387562928188| |lfaria|Install a Scout instance for hackaton|

h1. Potential Tasks/Who's working on what?

What tasks are people working on during the day. Fill out in advance if possible.