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h2. Further Reading\\

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h4. *[Authenticity|1. Guidance Policy Authenticity]*

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h4. *[Bit Preservation|2. Guidance Policy Bit Preservation]*

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h4. *[Functional Preservation|3. Guidance Policy Functional Preservation]*

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h4. {color:#000000}*[Digital Object|4. Guidance Policy Digital Object]*{color}

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h4. *[*Metadata*|SP:5. Guidance Policy Metadata]*

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h4. {color:#000000}*[Access|8. Guidance Policy Access]*{color}

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h4. {anchor:FurtherReadingRights}

h4. {color:#000000}*[Rights|6. Guidance Policy Rights]*{color}

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Rights management metadata [ODRL|] (Open Digital Rights Language) can be a useful standard, [|].

Technical metadata e.g. the standard MIX (for images) could be used, [|].    


h4. {color:#000000}*[Standards|7. Guidance Policy Standards]*{color}

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Overview of standards is also published by the EU-project Digital Cultural Heritage Roadmap for Preservation (DCH-RP) (2013)  : [Standards and interoperability|],  

h4. {anchor:FurtherReadingOrganisation}

h4. {color:#000000}*[Organisation|9. Guidance Policy Organisation]*{color}

4C is a  project concerned with digital preservation costs. Website: [|]

Digital Curator Vocational Education Europe Project (DigCurV) has resources about staffing on their website [|]

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DRAMBORA is an approach to digital risk analysis. Website [|]


h4. {color:#000000}*[Audit and Certification|10. Guidance Policy Audit and Certification]*{color}

Data Seal of Approval website for repository certification ( [][])

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Primary Trustworthy Digital Repository Authorisation Body (PTAB) website which provides information on preparing for an audit ( [])

Nestor Seal  for Trustworthy Repositories based on DIN 31644 (2013) which has the criteria for trustworthy digital archives, []