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h2. Introduction

The [Isartor PDF/A Test Suite|] consists of a set of carefully crafted PDF documents that each break the PDF/A standard in a particular way. The [PDF/A Competence Centre|] created them in order to help validate PDF/A validators, e.g. so that the validators can be reliably used to test format conversion tools. The terms of use of the test suite prohibit re-distribution and third-party certification, but it was not clear whether simply publishing the results from using the test suite with a particular tool would be permitted. [~anjackson] contacted them via email to clarify (2011-06-03), and they confirmed that publishing such results was okay as long as we make it clear these results are our responsibility.

h2. Ideas

* Take some PDF/A validator tools, run them against the test suite, normalise the output, and publish on a web site for general consumption.
* Augment the test suite with files that are believed to be valid.
* The Isartor test files contain text that describes how they break the standard. This text could be turned into machine-readable properties, e.g. RDF, to make testing easier.
* Seek permission to redistribute the corpora items individually, to make analysis and annotation easier. Perhaps OPF members only?