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| *One line summary* | The problem is that sometimes there are gaps in a numerical, alphabetical or alpha numerical naming sequence, and/or out-of-sequence files within a set of digital files.                                                                                                                        \\ |
| *Detailed description* | Projects creating digital files will either use a programme to name their files, or will do so manually. Sometimes problems occur with the sequences. For example, files will be mis-numbered or letters transposed. Sometimes this will be a simple human error. Or, it may indicate that an item has been copied twice, that items are missing, or that items have been mis-filed. We need to identify gaps or anomolies within folders of files that have been assigned sequential file names. \\
Example: \\
File0001 \\
File0002 \\
File004 \\
File0005 \\
where file number 3 is missing and file 004 will be moved to the front of the sequence because it is missing a "0" \\
Another example: \\
CMX_001 \\
CMS_002 \\
CMX_003 \\
Does CMS_002 belong here? \\
\\ |
| *Issue champion* | John Salter, Matt Ruane |
| *Possible approaches* | Pattern recognition within naming conventions \\
\\ |
| *Context* | Content is provided by third party, files are often named manually, rather than in batch |
| *AQuA Solutions* | |
| *Collections* | [EAP|AQuA:Endangered Archives Programme (EAP)] |