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I have an EPS file that contains text in a particular, unusual font. The font has been embedded, so the rendering of the EPS looks fine. I can also convert easily to PDF or PS, keeping the font embedded along the way.  Again, for display purposes, this is fine.

However, I want to re-use this EPS, and edit it. I don't own the font that the EPS uses, and if I import it into Inkscape it does not offer to turn the font into outlines, and substitutes using a different font instead. This make the image unusable.

I suspect Adobe Illustrator would be offer to convert the fonts to outlines (i.e. vector shapes instead of text) on import, but I don't have Illustrator.

I found this [link|], which offers some ways to do this using GhostScript.

gs -dNOCACHE -q -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -sDEVICE=pswrite
Which is great, but note that this only works with pswrite, and cannot be used to create the pdf directly. I used this, and then created a PDF from it using Apple Preview, and then loaded that into Inkscape to get the SVG for editing.

According to that link, the ** and *pstoedit* commands should also be able to embed outline fonts.