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This roadmap covers developer-level issues, and reflects but does not address higher-level issues about use cases or the overall direction of the development process.

* Fix The Build\!
* Repair the TESTS\!
* Make core components simple JARs. Move UI functionality and remove EJB where we don't need it.
** TechReg - Simplify it using the fido Java stub code.
* Localise - Files.
* deSOAP
* Java6
* DIE JBOSS DIE\!\!\!\!\!
* Digital Object Manager interface...
* Merge all UI components and the WEE into one. Testbed? Planets Explorer? Planets Testbed? Testbed Explorer?
* Testbed as central test suite and a sharing of locally-collected data.
* Kill the wrappings, see who complains.
* Join our linked in group\!\!\!\!\!