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OPF hackathons provide a way for community members to work together and solve digital preservation challenges. Other OPF events address a wide variety of other practitioner driven issues, including Preservation Healthchecks.

h4. Upcoming OPF Hackathons and Webinars

Get involved\! Help us plan our future hackathon and webinar programme here: [Hackathons and webinars - get involved|Hackathons and webinars - get involved].

For a full list of upcoming OPF events, and other events and conferences relevant to the digital preservation community see the [OPF Website|]. You can also add your own event to the OPF website calendar of event.

h4. Webinars 

Also see [this page for recordings of OPF webinars|].

h4. OPF Project Events

* [SPRUCE Project Events|SPR:SPRUCE Events]
* [SCAPE Project|SP:Events]

h4. Past Events

This page provides links to wikispaces for past events. 

h4. Other Events

{include:SPR:Other digital preservation events that we like}