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| *Title* \\ | _The name or short description of the Dataset. This should be the same text as the title of the page_ \\
Sgrin Archive |
| *Description* | _Description of the Dataset, including details of the file formats_ \\
Around 66,000 files, 29GB, majority consisting of Office file formats, but number of others; collected on external hard disk in a rescue mission from Sgrin (a film funding and commissioning body in Wales) in 2006 as they closed.  \\
Appraisal and selection not possible due to time constraint. |
| *Licensing* | _Details of any licencing restrictions. State as clearly and concisely as posible who can use the Dataset. Reference any licences by URL or attachments_ \\
Dataset currently restricted to use at Hackathon only. |
| *Owner* | _The Institution that owns the Dataset_ \\
National Library of Wales |
| *Dataset Location* | _A link to the dataset or instructions on how to obtain a copy of the dataset for testing/dev purposes if this is possible_ \\
Dataset is held in NLW Digital Archive. \\
Copy of dataset is held on an external hard drive, available for testing/dev purposes at Hackathon. |
| *Collection Champion* | _The contact name for the collection. Include an email address if possible_  \\
Ifor ap Dafydd, [[email protected]|mailto:[email protected]] |
| *Issues brainstorm* | _A bulleted list of possible preservation or business driven Issues. This is useful for describing ideas that might be turned into detailed Issues at a later date_ \\
Rescue mission \\
Identifying what we have? \\
Appraisal \\
Scalability \\
De-duplication \\
Content searching \\
Proprietary software \\
Executable files \\
Preservation and access \\
IPR/Data Protection \\
Metadata extraction \\
Automation \\
Preparing for Ingest into Fedora repository  \\
| *List of Issues* | _A list of links to detailed Issue pages relevant to this Dataset_ \\
[Identifying content and Sorting]\\ |