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| *Title* \\ | Ida Roper Herbarium archive \\ |
| *Description* | The Roper archive consists of approximately 10,000 specimens of English plants. The digital archive donated to Leeds represents the outputs of a Arts and Humanitites Research Board project from 2003, to improve access to the Ida Roper Herbarium. \\
[](note the link to the actual resource is dead ... the only copy of the content is on CDs and floppy disks)  there are image files, databases, archive of the web pages, word docs etc...  The collection is linked to from all over the web, but the links do not work as the resource is dead. \\
The collection was chosen for the hackathon as it represents common issues associated with digital archives that include web Pages.  Digital archives have many similar characteristics to that of physical archives for we ask almost the same questions *"what's in the box?" hmmmm (insert long pause) "i have no idea"* \\
the donated digital materials have an added complexity due to the number and diversity of files \\
* we rarely know when / if they will arrive / planning for the unknown or just create tools
* upon arrival there is always an extra item or two slipped into the box by the donor, same is true with digital, donors usually add a file or two extra
* collections owners rarely know what is in the box until you start to dig \\
Since it's difficult to dig through a "digital donation box" having tools to id what exactly has been given to us will help immensensly in selection, appraisal, and description. (add more to description) \\ |
| *Licensing* | *{_}Non-exclusive licence to take relevant preservation actions._*  Formerly public website and archive material that was publically available from a JISC project \\ |
| *Owner* | _University of Leeds_ \\ |
| *Dataset Location* | currently on drive at mash-up / hackathon event, ask Jodie for a copy if you wish to conduct forensics on materials.  \\
Post mash-up / hackathon event: material is part of the University of Leeds, University Archive contact Special Collections, [[email protected]|mailto:[email protected]]{color:#5c5b56} {color}\\ |
| *Collection Champion* | Jodie Double \\ |
| *Issues brainstorm* | * reputation and trusworthiness of resource
* no idea what files are stored (images, web pages etc...)
* files came in on floppy disks and CDs |
| *List of Issues* | _A list of links to detailed Issue pages relevant to this Dataset_ \\ |