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| *Title* | _Permissions Overlays_ |
| *Detailed description* | _Assigning read permissions to files contained in a file system image and developing a web front end that will allow for browsing of the file systems and indicate/enforce permissions._ |
| *Solution Champion* | _Swithun Crowe ([email protected])_ |
| *Corresponding Issue(s)* | * [REQ:Permission Overlays] |
| *Tool/code link* | _A link to code on Git hub or a corresponding_ _[myExperiment|]_ _if applicable_ |
| *[Tool Registry Link|]* | _[afflib|]__,_ _[fiwalk|]__, PHP (PDO, XSLT, SAX), SQLite_ |
| *Evaluation* | _Not really enough time to understand the AFF image files and DFXML output to extract files from the images._ \\
_Have managed to develop a web interface for browsing the file systems (based on DFXML files). The DFXML files are SAX parsed (too large for DOM), the fie system tree structure generated, and then inserted into a RDBMS (SQLite) using x, y and depth values to allow for quick extraction of nodes in the tree._ \\
_Some basic permissions are created by looking for users home directories. There is mode information in the DFXML files, but it isn't clear how this could be used to automate or refine the overlaying of permissions._\\
_CO: Archives field has much to re-use/re-purpose from the Forensics field, but this particular solution has not been examined before as access is not a key need in the forensics field in the way it is for Archives._\\
_CO: Several weeks more dev required to get to desired end result, but this is a really useful first step. Very happy CO\!_\\
_CO: Also discovered some quirky output from Firewalk, which is also useful._\\ |