1. Was the event what you expected?
Yes 12
No 1
Why not?
Better than expected - good pairing with Carl from BL - iterative approach to solution Was able to suggest more things to do Good networking event
But then I had the benefit of attending part of the Leeds event so had a good idea of what to expect
2. What was good about the event?
Getting in contact with new people and solving problems together these three days and in the future (keeping eachother updated)
It was also better and more accessible than expected. I can see a lot of value for content owners.
1. Making connections between developers and content owners 2. Gaining awareness of tools 3. Getting an idea of the issues oth
It was really useful to just be in a room with lots of other people focused on digital preservation - and have the opportunity to experiment with tools and content collections
I found the event worked well - the sharing ideas and advice - this helped with formulating solutions
Meeting people with similar problems — we are no longer working in isolation.
Learning about workflows in place at other institutions was interesting; as was discovering new tools and tool-kits.
Discovering a lot of new tools (and people with experience of using them!)
Good networking - able to ask silly questions Time to spend discussing similar issues Good to define key information I wanted to extract and have a developer on hand to make interative changes
Once again it was great to see actual progress being made within the meeting on real problems. It's got me thinking about supportable ways of providing tech support on the fly to collections owners, picking up on the conversation during one of the breakouts about 'roaming techies'!
Good idea to bring content experts and solution providers together.
Bringing together content owners, and developers is a great idea. It also provides a relaxed atmosphere in which we can get things done.
3. What did you learn?
In future working more together solving problems
Putting 30 people into a room, some with problems and some who can write solutions is extremely eye opening. I've learnt that free from restrictions on infrastructure and process at point of idea conception and prototyping can solve a varied number of non-trivial problems quickly.
Two really interesting bits of information about ABBYY recognition Server: 1. Submitting colour images gives best results 2. Submitting images as jp2 gives marginally better results
Discovered a whole new range of digital preservation tools. Also, would be encouraged to suggest changes to working practices back at work which would make it easier to carry out digital preservation work
some of the challenges facing acquiring objects from external sources and some of the tools that can be useful to address issues surrounding how to evaluate them
Idea of using targeting image duplication detection using a subset of the OCR data that we know to be of high quality.
Having someone with technical savvy on-staff is vital to implementing efficient and secure digital workflows.
Automating data extraction using FITS (and calling other programs from within PHP)
Interpretation of results - what information is stripped out by these tools and how to interpret it Gained more confidence in using tools
I learnt various things (the names of new tools and what they do) but I was interested in the technique for analysing content (words) against the general service list (or an equivalent resource) and coming up with relative use frequency.
Have come away with knowledge of potentially useful tools, and ideas as to Where To Look Next; the event also got me to look more closely at our workflow, and to see that there are non technical improvements that can be made.
I learned much more about what a JP2 validation package might look like, giving some direction to our efforts in this area (where before we didn't know where to turn). I have also learned quite a bit about how much can actually be automated, and will from now consider automation of tasks as part of our workflow to a greater extent than before,
Got different ideas on various tools that can be used in our qa processes. Some of them are worth a closer look at, like pHash, FITS, etc. and will be considered for integration into the digital library workflows.
That there are a lot of tools out there which I didn't know about
4. What was not so good? What could we do better?
I liked the discussion we had on wednesday morning and it would be nice if there where more of that sort of discussions for example on thusday. Maybe more in depth on some preservation subjects. Maybe in future events like this you can ask people to prepare a short presentation about usescases, solved problems, unsolved problems, mistakes made which can help other institutions etc.
Having the venue open later might be good. This would allow more time to work on two of the three days. After all, it's fun! :)
More time could have been spent discussing policy/strategic issues on the second day. Coverage on the third day was good but I feel as though some content owners had little to do on the second day.
The internet connection was a bit suspect at times, but not a major issue
the timing/planning of some of the group events could be tightened up to keep things on track
Would have been better to have a shorter dinner, and an opportunity to continue development into the evening.
Better organization of contact between content owner and techies would have helped; maybe more time spent on discussing problems/issues before starting work on scripting.
5pm cutoff - it would be good to be able to continue hacking for as long as necessary (hacking never comes in handy hour-long blocks! ;o)
Difficult to give up 3 days in a row
didn't attend the whole event but I gather the content side of the group might have been a bit under-utilised during day 2?
As a content owner it was sometimes unclear what we were supposed to be doing; editing the wiki only takes so long, and you don't want to interrupt the technical folks whilst they're working on a solution. More planned activities for content owners, or perhaps alongside the Tools page links to useful training articles/videos
To have a bit more time and therefore less rushed during the presentations.
Working WIFI is a necessary condition for a successful hands-on event. Especially on the first day the WIFI often broke down.
Wireless wasn't always reliable.
5. Would you attend another AQuA event?
Yes 12
No 1
Why not? But I wuld like to say that if you are more in the content providing group it is nice to be a bit more active (with discussions, presentations etc.)
Because I think it is important to maintain the links that have been made between practitioners. Also, I feel as though this event has helped me think about automated QA. I imagine I will encounter more QA challenges in the future.
Really found it useful and stimulating, feel it has provided lots of avenues to explore
I found there was a lot of useful information, experiences and advice exchanged
Gained good ideas which will make a immediate benefit to the quality of data we deliver.
While the event provided me with a great deal of assistance in dealing with a present and current problem, resources for the long-term implementation of solutions by my institution is are well out of reach; so, great to hear about solutions, but difficult to implement them!
Because it was great - everyone there gave something to the event without anyone (as far as I could see) feeling that they were overburdened and not able to work on their own mashings). And the price was right!
I would encourage others to do so and will voice support at the OPF board for them to adopt this format of event and way of working
It was informative and useful, I've come away with a potentially useful solution, information about other tools. Next time there will be new problems to address!
There are always more problems! Next time I will be much better prepared as I'll know exactly what a mashup is all about!
It's a good opportunity to learn about the issues other content holders are facing and what are the concrete approaches that can be taken.
Because it's a great way to share ideas with people in the DP community.
6. Would you attend a shorter event in six months?
Yes 11
No 1
Why/why not I've selected yes, but it would really depend on other factors. Would certainly like to progress the solution I have been working on further, and update the wiki.
Possibly - in order to take time away from work would need to have the expectation of a clear gain from attending the event.
I would be interested in keeping up with OPF and future projects.
It would be interested to see how far these things have got - and see how I could use the solutions in anger.
I think it would be very valuable to make sure that this work is disseminated widely and that people know that all sorts of preservation solutions are now within reach of organisations who are actively looking after content and are beginning to bump up against real problems in the digital realm
The best contribution we could probably make would be through feeding back our results and how we've got on with implementing what we've come away with - maybe better suited to updating the wiki with it?
This should help to embed the solutions further, make sure that workable solutions get the audience they deserve. Work out a way forward for ongoing work and support on the issues.